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Accepted Papers

Full Papers

ID Paper Title Author
1 Complexity Properties of Restricted Abstract Argument Systems Paul Dunne
2 Handling controversial arguments in bipolar argumentation systems Marie-Christine Lagasquie-Schiex, Claudette Cayrol, Caroline Devred
3 Computing Preferred Extensions for Argumentation Systems with Sets of Attacking Arguments Soren Nielsen, Simon Parsons
5 Argumentation and Persuasion in the Cognitive Coherence Theory Philippe Pasquier, Iyad Rahwan, Frank Dignum, Liz Sonenberg
6 Towards Representing and Querying Arguments on the Semantic Web Iyad Rahwan, P V Sakeer
7 Suspicion of Hidden Agenda in Persuasive Argument Paul Dunne
9 Semi-Stable Semantics Martin Caminada
13 First Steps Towards Automatic Construction of Argument-Diagrams from Real Discussions Rutger Rienks, Daan Verbree, Dirk Heylen
16 An Algorithm to Compute All Minimally Grounded and Admissible Defence Sets in Argument Systems Gerard A.W. Vreeswijk
17 The Carneades Argumentation Framework Thomas Gordon, Doug Walton
18 Pierson vs. Post Revisited Thomas Gordon, Doug Walton
19 Automating Argumentation for Deliberation in Cases of Conflict of Interest Alison Chorley, Trevor Bench-Capon, Peter McBurney
20 Evaluation and Comparison Criteria for Extension-Based Argumentation Semantics Pietro Baroni, Massimiliano Giacomin
22 Reasoning in Argumentation Frameworks Using Quantified Boolean Formulas Uwe Egly, Stefan Woltran
24 Value Based Argumentation in Hierarchical Argumentation Frameworks Sanjay Modgil
25 Justifying Actions by Accruing Arguments Trevor Bench-Capon, Henry Prakken
28 CBR and Argument Schemes for Collaborative Decision Making Pancho Tolchinsky, Sanjay Modgil, Ulises Cortes, Miquel Sánchez-Marre
29 A Dialectic Procedure for Sceptical, Assumption-Based Argumentation Phan Minh Dung, Paolo Mancarella, Francesca Toni
30 Argument Based Machine Learning in a Medical Domain Jure Zabkar, Martin Mozina, Jerneja Videcnik, Ivan Bratko
34 Knowing When To Bargain Simon Wells, Chris Reed
40 Value-Based Argumentation for Democratic Decision Support Katie Atkinson
42 Translating Wigmore Diagrams Glenn Rowe, Chris Reed
43 Combining Sceptical Epistemic Reasoning With Credulous Practical Reasoning Henry Prakken
44 Building Agents That Plan and Argue in a Social Context Simon Wells, Chris Reed, Timothy Norman, Nick Jennings, Dionysis Kalofonos, Nishan Karunatillake
46 An Application of Formal Argumentation: Fusing Bayes Nets in MAS Soren Nielsen, Simon Parsons

Short Papers

ID Paper Title Author
8 The Logic of Multiple-Valued Argumentation and its Applications to Web Technology Hajime Sawamura, Toshiko Wakaki, Katsumi Nitta
33 On Acceptability in Abstract Argumentation Frameworks with an Extended Defeat Relation Diego Martinez, Alejandro Garcia, Guillermo Simari
38 Argue tuProlog: A Lightweight Argumentation Engine for Agent Applications Daniel Bryant, Paul Krause, Gerard A.W. Vreeswijk
47 Multi-Agent Agreements About Actions Through Argumentation Paolo Torroni